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Each package includes:
  • 4 bags of spicy fermented tofu soup bases
  • 2 bags of tofu skin
  • Thermal bag

    Fried tofu skin 

    Easy to cook: Perfect for Saute, Braise, Stir fry, Boil with soup/noodle, and Hot pot add-on. Hot before serving. 

    Healthy and Vegetarian friendly: Keto-Friendly. No additives. No added preservatives. Gluten-Free.  

    Contains: Soybean

    Expiration date: September 2021

    Ingredients: Non-GMO soybean, soybean oil, Food-grade beans


    Spicy Fermented Tofu Soup Base

    • Healthy: Non-GMO tofu
    • Sharing is caring: Enhance your favorite meals with a taste that will impress all of your friends and family. 
    • Boiling Point lovers: The Male spicy fermented tofu package is the same spicy fermented tofu you can order in Boiling Point but now you can eat it your own way.  
    • Ready to eat in minutes: Open the package and pour it into the pot. Add 1000cc water or broth and heat up. You can also just microwave it for 4 minutes with 700W. Microwave time may vary due to different wattages. After heating it up, we highly recommended you add our wok noodle to complete the Boiling Point flavor at home. 
    • Expiration date: January 2022

    BP exclusive thermal bag 

    Large Capacity: BP Exclusive thermal bag can fit all the breakfast/lunch/dinner you want (food container, mason jars, water bottle, snack, and fruits.)

    Fashionable Design: Zippers design, easy to open and close. Handle design, easy to carry, and convenient to use, It can be used as a lunch bag, picnic bag, sundry bag, Perfect for a picnic, outdoor activities, travel, work lunches, and so on.

    Perfect Gift: This is also a good gift to your friends/family/kids/colleagues...etc.

    Convenient: Its convenient size makes it a versatile choice for packing snacks/meals for long road trips in the car.

    Multi-Purpose: It is ideal for adult men, women, or children for packing lunch to work or school.