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Broth Cooking instruction: First defrost, then add 1 liter of water to reduce concentration of the broth.

*Our broth products have no artificial preservatives or coloring and properly stored in the freezer will remain fresh and delicious for approximately six months.

Each package includes: 

BP Original Broth

Ingredients: Beef Bone Broth. Gluten-Free

Kombu Mushroom Broth *Vegetarian Broth

Ingredients: Napa, Dried Mushroom, Dried Seaweed, Soy Sauce

Contains: Soy, Wheat

Miso Broth

Ingredients: White Miso, Red Miso, Shrimp Paste, Beef Bone Broth. Gluten-Free

Contains: Soy, Shellfish (Shrimp), Fish (Bonito)

Garlic Bean Sacha Broth *Mild Spicy

Ingredients: BBQ Sauce, Garlic Bean Paste, Beef Bone Broth. Contains peanut. 

Contains: Soy, Fish, Tree Nut (Coconut), Peanut,  Sesame, Wheat

Soy Bean Paste Broth *Mild spicy

Ingredients: Korean Soybean Paste, Korean Chili Sauce, Beef Bone Broth.

Contains: Soy, Wheat

Mala Spicy Fermented Tofu Broth *Medium spicy 

Ingredients: Non-GMO Fermented Tofu, Garlic Bean Paste, Chili Bean Paste(Fermented Tofu included). Contains shrimp paste

Contains: Soy, Wheat, Sesame, Shellfish (Shrimp)

Five Treasure Broth *Medium spicy 

Ingredients: Five Spice, Beef Bone Broth. 

Contains: Soy, Wheat, Sesame, Shellfish (Shrimp)

House Special Sacha broth

Ingredients: BBQ Sauce, Beef Bone Broth (Fermented Tofu included). Contains peanut. Gluten-Free

Contains: Soy, Fish, Tree Nut (Coconut), Peanut, Sesame

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Adolfo R.
United States
Great Value

The broths are rich and can be stretched out to last longer, so the value is more worth than it seems.